Cassata Siciliana

Fed up with the traditional French cuisine I've been inflicting on you lately? We'll come back to it, don't worry *smirk*. Instead here comes a slice of Sicily. Four slices of génoise biscuit, actually, with ricotta cream, grated chocolate and loads of candied goodness. In the buff (à poil). Sexy thing. I have been blessed with the Infallible Génoise Touch©, a quality envied by princes and laughed at by cretins. My mom goes on and on about how she once baked a rock-hard brick out of a génoise because she folded the flour in... [Lire la suite]
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Stuck in your kitchen due to excessive snowing? Get your circus cookie cutters out and hark the call of the (Alsacian) wild. boost up the bass baby National Geographics (cf Les Photographies de la vie sauvage ) is also interested in the tragic fate of small buttery elephants. Williams Sonoma makes those wicked cookie cutters, but they have been discontinued recently - alas. I must have grabbed one of the last boxes, and golly (sapristi) I'm damn glad I did. Hours of endless fun if you ask me. They are beyond funky. Once... [Lire la suite]
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Chili, cake, flan tart and ribeye

All in one shitty photomontage. Lucky bastards.
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Grand-Mère Blanc's Poulet à la Crème

I see some of you have been in a naughty mood recently, landing here with Google requests such as "How to seduce my flatmate" and "Brussel sprout dessert". Now I'd like to point to you that although I don't have definitive answers for either of those problems, I am about to find out whether the pear tart previously featured on this blog did the trick. I will let you know. For Brussel sprouts, I would recommend a Tatin approach. Caramelise the bottom of a manqué or Tatin pan (what the heck [y a pas à tortiller],... [Lire la suite]
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