On my short vacation to Paris (visiting family, eating myself to death, etc. - routine), I took advantage of a sunny morning to do a bit of shopping in the legendary culinary cavern, Dehillerin. It's right in the city centre, in the first Arrondissement, next to the Halles, the Rue Montorgueuil, and the Louvre.

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Do pay them a visit if you go to Paris, they have EVERYTHING in terms of cooking utensils. No foodstuff, but pretty much anything you can think of that has a use in the kitchen. That's were I got my financier pans, remember?

Be prepared though, it's a huge mess, you'll need to ask the sulky shop assistants (yes, sulky, but they can't help it they are Parisians) inside to point things, and occasionnally to climb up ladders for you. They speak English, Japanese, and probably Martian. I just doubt you'll find a parking spot for your flying saucer in the area.

Take a tour! Keep together though, people have been known to disappear in the dark nooks of the shop.

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