English Pork Pie

You want lard AND butter, you want ground forcemeat AND diced Berkshire ham, you want PORK PIE! Today's pictures are all Marc's - he uncannily captured the spirit of that pork pie. Man, that pie was so mean I was on the verge of proposing to myself.The pork pie adventure started in Astoria in a dodgy Mexican grocery store and finished in Williamsburg at a lovely dinner party with Giff, Stéphane, Marc and his wife Liz. They're all such good laughs (une belle bande de joyeux lurons). It all kicked in when I started reading... [Lire la suite]
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Uncanny Citrus Moment

It's a girl! Papa Pomelo and Mama Tangerine are proud to announce the arrival of sweet little Minneola Tangelo. Mother and father are doing well and baby's in my stomach.
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