essaiWho said this blog couldn't be rude AND pretentious? Take a walk on the bling-bling side with me today. As I tend to be nice, and also because, let's not forget, I am a teacher (by the way, health and safety, guys, health and safety is key), translation will be on me today.

Don't sweat it (vous bilez pas), it's the most innocuous recipe ever. I would go as far as saying that it is even HEALTHY. Don't run away.

I thought translating it into Italian would make it look a teeny-weeny more classy, because what it is, is soup, made with radish leaf stalks. I know, pathetic. It's not even an ingredient in its own right. It's a left-over. Poor old leaf stalks (pauvres fanes)!

They taste nice, though, promise. Rather unexpectedly so. The recipe is ancient, my grand ma' would always make it when she'd buy a bunch of radish. I added the cappuccino-foam with white pepper thing on top to jazz it up.

Talking about jazzing things up, here is our latest cool soundtrack to cook by:

free music

Yes I agree the orchestration starts off a little heavy. Ella wasn't a light-weight either.

Ingredients for today's special leftovers soup:

The foliage from that bunch of radish you're not seeing the end of because you're alone (boooo, shame on you) - not too flabby and old please.

A couple of small tatters, or more if you want bulk because you're a tougher cookie and greens ain't your thing, it's fine by me.

3 grains of white peppers from that mixed pepper jar you bought ages ago (crucial for aesthetic reasons discussed further below - yes, bling bling means paying attention to crazy details)

A smidgen of milk with a pinch of salt, in a glass with rather high edges (unless you insist on repainting your kitchen)

Get the green healthy leaf stalks nice and clean, discard super flabby losers (les louseurs mollassons). Make them comfy in your sink and colander:


Don't they look comfy?

then peel and dice the potatoes - WHAT, you need a picture for that too? Tsk tsk tsk.


Sweat the greens in a little butter until they all look like flabby losers. Now they don't feel so comfy. You, on the other hand, are starting to feel hungry.


Add the tatters, cover with water, bring to a simmer, leave until they are soft enough to be puréed with your super duper hand blender (votre mixeur plongeur qui déchire). It's ok for the kids to play with the super safe hand-held blender. The blade is ever so small. Season to taste. The soup, not the  childen's shredded fingers. Pop those in a plastic bag in the freezer, for later use.


Next comes the glam factor : the white pepper foam. Get'em in line. Bash ruthlessly with whatever it available. Your stiletto heels. It does require bashing accuracy and patience though. I did it with the bottom of a glass. Quick and painless. No, I am not a monster, people.


I love before/after pictures. They provide you with a priceless sense of achievement and finitude
at the same time. Highly rewarding.

Microwave your glass of milk with a little salt and the crushed pepper, keep an eye on it, it might take 20 seconds to boil out of the glass and make a peppery milky mess. Trust me, I have tried. Ahem. Moving on swiftly (bref, passons).

Next, get your milk whisk out and whisk away to create the foam (electric appliances are cool and fast). Note how the white pepper blends happily in the milk instead of looking like a soot gremlin sneezed in it. Pour the soup in a transparent bowl/coffee cup (go as bling bling as you like, splurge, indulge!), spoon the foam on top of the green goo and serve immediately. You are so stylish. And so healthy. You feel at peace. Eat with your fake Ray Bans on.


Damn you, you stylish devil.